About systhread

This site is about operating systems and hobbyist programming. The site is designed more for the casual Open Source user, administrator and/or programmer. This site's written material hinges on programming and administration. That is all - nothing else. Even the code available here pretty much reflects code for administration (which makes perfect sense).

A Brief History

In 1998 the site author began writing about UNIX(tm) Systems Administration. The first site was called i2t for Internet Information Technologies. That website was hosted by the now defunct yyz.net. Although it might be possible to pull copies from the internet archives using http://www.yyz.net/i2t/. The site then evolved to the point where adminsitration and simple programming content began to take shape. So it was a dedicated virtual web server setup under the diverge.org domain. The subsite was called OutRider. The OutRider journal began to pickup steam and even led to some books along with the author becoming a member of the NetBSD foundation. After a (traumatic) move in 2000 OutRider fell by the wayside due to hectic schedules. In 2005, inspired by Dave over at LXer.com, Systhread was setup as a continuation of what OutRider had started. Systhread also details some information about projects and code the author has worked on.

An Organic Process & Identity

This website and the content contained within took on a unique persona when I started writing content for it again. It is very strange in some ways because it hosts both content that is, a little off the beaten path, as well as some (of massively varying quality) software and information about projects the author has worked on. In other words, it covers a large spectrum of the authors computing experience but really says nothing about the author himself. Over the years the notion of mixing other facets of life in here was played with but; it just doesn't seem right. This site, as small as it is and the miniscule following that it has, seems just right, just the way it is.

About the Author

Jason (Jay) R. Fink has been involved with digital electronics since high school starting around 1987. More information including a resume for reference information can be found at jasonrfink.com.