Systhread Credits

This is a very incomplete list of credits regarding software, tools, and people who have helped systhread and it's previous incarnations.

Media Outlets

Three media spots in particular have always showscased most (not all) of the material here:

  • and its predecessor LinuxToday (before LT was bought by
  • used to feed off of my site directly - not anymore for some reason.
  • Slashdot twice but never the main page - so not technically slashdotted.


In no particular order - people who have helped in one way or another:

For their unending patience with me and my late night sessions.
Scott Smith
Scott gets me ... at a frighteningly precise (not just accurate!) level.
Gabor Z. Papp
My best net friend, Gabor and I have been working on BSD, Linux and UNIX systems together since - well I don't remember. Gabor runs his own consulting shop out of Budapest, Hungary and he is the best in town.
Tim Malis
For giving great ideas to the site, encouraging it and helping from time to time. Tim also has a credit to his name in the NetBSD source tree for helping me fix a libnet issue. Tim is the oldest friend and net friend I am in contact with.
Brett Lymn
He encouraged me, taught me and at times - drove me to hack the kernel. I owe, quite literally all I know regarding BSD kernels (and a smack of Linux too) to Brett.
Christos Zoulas
Who just plain taught me, in general. How to fix: utils, kernel bugs, libraries, scripts, shells... well you get the idea.
Steve Dickinson
Superb perl hacker and *NIX addict, Steve and I worked together and somehow became great friends. We still work together from time to time as well as swill beer. Steve also created the neat little favico decorating your favico supporting web browser.
aka Gleicon da Silveira Moraes, a great guy and one of the fastest thinking C hackers I know. Have a C question? Ask Tuna.
Hubert Feyrer
The man, the myth, the legend. Another all hats hacker, Hubert was the one who invited me to join the NetBSD Foundation and told me to continue to do my own things (such as systhread).
Jack Jennings
An old navy pal, Jack has contributed content to this site and helped steer the general direction in the early days.
Dave Whitinger and friends
Dave, Paul Ferris and Marty Pitts started LinuxToday, a good site in the late 90s and then faded away . . . only to resurface. In any case, I owe Dave and Paul because LinuxToday aired my work, which got me a lot of paid gigs.
Terry Sullivan
The authorative web designer. I don't care what anyone else says.
Carsten Haitzler
A C guru, Carsten taught me that there is more to life than system programming.
Jeff Rowan
Jeff Rowan was my UNIX mentor. He also wrote an article for this site that as of this writing, I am still trying to retrieve.


The list of software ... oi. Well, at least where systhread is concerned:

  • nvi and vim. Best two editors, ever ... nuff said.
  • apache (of course)
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • FreeBSD, Linux kernel and NetBSD.
  • ispell . . .
  • the GiMP
  • scrot for those great screenshots
  • e17 Libs for thumbnailing.

Believe it or not, thats it. That is all I use to run this site (well so far).

Other Software

Of course, I use a multitude of other software for coding and playing.

  • gcc collection
  • xmms
  • xine
  • totem
  • irssi
  • gaim
  • mplayer
  • bash, csh and sh-posix
  • Perl
  • The SDL Collection.
  • Anything at Linux Games I can get to run.