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This is a small collection of hotlinks collected over the years. Many, most readers will already have; by the same token many readers may not have. Unlike most lists there is a detailed description of why the it is here and where it goes in this document.

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So much great free software (free as in available not as in beer) that a great deal of the current world would not be the way it is now regarding computers and the internet.
The first, oldest, most stable, most Unix-like and all around most fun Linux distribution.
The network mapper, scanner, tracing tool, analysis, troubleshooting and fixing tool ...
Fast networking, great code, based upon the poweful and innovative BSD Unix Operating System; FreeBSD is still my choice for many situations.
Portable, correct, research oriented and developer friendly NetBSD holds a special place in my many platformed heart.
While slow with releases (maybe; that is an open debate) Debian in my opinion is the best of distros - especially if you just track the nose-bleed edge.
I used to be an nvi fan until it grew appendages; now since vi seems to be appendage worthy I have found vim to be my favorite.



Systhread GIT
Systhread repo over at sourceforge of still active/maintained/pertinent modules/projects started by or taken over by the site author(s).
The FreeBSD CVS Repository listings (synced from SVN I think...)
Multiplatform research oriented UNIXlike OS with one of the best hardware abstraction layers (HAL) around.
Linux's gitweb interface for those interested in browsing the Linux kernel source.
The enlightenment software system trac repository browser.

Related Media

Bigadmin hosts some interesting links and writeups not just for Sun Admins but also for those dealng with various Sun technologies.
Part of the inspiration for restarting this site comes from LXer. LXer is strictly Linux centric news and is very community driven.
Rootprompt has been around for a long time, it was one of the first sites following the Open Source craze in the late 90s and is still up serving interesting content.
/. is the geek site - not much more need be said ...
Another hacker friend; if your into Rollins style metal this is the place to go....
Open source needed a solid singular outlet for writing about applying open source in the websphere - onlamp is the answer.
Kernel Trap
Ever wanted to know something about Kernels?- Look no further...


The TCPIP RFC Defintion, very helpful when decoding.
Outstanding tool for parsing snmp traps from all over the place.
Nagios SNMP Traps
Excellent foray into how to latch snmp traps into nagios.
OpenSUSE Mail Server
Ran into this once; found a great resource during research. Many an admin (SUSE or not) can benefit from the writeup Novell has.
Setting up UCD SNMP (aka net-snmp someplaces) for use with nagios (probably applies for hobbit et al.). (analysis section)
A most outstanding amount of content for the firewall impaired (e.g. the author) literally - has it covered.
The TCP Guide
The TCP Guide; tons of information about ye olde TCP.
Ncat User's Guide
Indispensable tool for the network troubleshooter/hacker/whatever - ncat can get it done.
A scanner for the fast and furious of network recon folks.


Mysql 5 Referene
A must have link for admins the MySQL online guide is a savoir.
Uli Drepper's IPV6 Tutorial
A great resource for getting from ipv4 to ipv6 (really how to do both).
C Thread Examples
Good opening salvo when trying to break into the threading realm.
Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Beej makes the network programming journey not just easy but fun/
Writing a pseudo driver for NetBSD
Great starter kit for driver programming in any kernel; of course it is NetBSD.
FreeBSD Developer's Handbook
Developer Guides are rare at best - this guide is even more so: excellent resource for the budding systems programmer.
FreeBSD Architecture Handbook
Need to cross architectures? Well here you go not just for FreeBSD but many of the notes crossover quite well.
GLIBC Manual
Probably the author's number one reference guide this manual not only explains a great deal but offers up usable real world examples.
Perl Hashes Ex1
Perl hashes can be - complicated - a text about removing some voodoo and replacing with ease.
The Bash Guide - not much more to say about that...
Ideas, modules, libs, scripts... you name it. Need it in Perl it is probably already here...
Ye Olde C FAQ - a timeless doc with equal questions and answers.


Wil Wheaton
By far one of the most outspoken Geeks and writer, Wil's site is always a great read.
Cory Doctorow's insightful site relating to digital freedom and futurism.
Large Memory Java
Found this very helpful when trying to increase the performance of a particular java process...
LVM Howto
Don't know why but LVM commands seem to be the easiest to forget; hence a link to the LVM HOWTO.
Debian Administration
Corporate Linux admins (author included) often find few similar steps between Unix/Linux systems and the free/open counterparts; Debian Admin is a great bridge for the gap.
Steve Parker
Another admin and hacker Steve has some great stuff up at all of his sites. Need a script- chances are Steve has come across it and has one ready or close enough.
Paul Graham
This site's author attempts to model their writing after two particular writers - Paul would be one of them. Paul has the ability to write clear and concise content yet somehow retain a great sense of humor (with some excellent abruptness).
J. Lynch
Writing can get hard, we all need tips from time to time. John Lynch provides some great ones.